Our Proven Approach

Why choose Everbestlab

развитие бизнеса

Providing business with reliable, worthwile digital products

разработка crm системы

Using your existing analytics stack

веб и мобильный приложение

Across all your web and mobile apps

How it works

High Level Quality in Every Stage, Together.

Our passion is in understanding how your organization can leverage technology and data to drive your business.

1.Initiation phase

  • You reach out to Everbestlab.

  • We talk about your business & services.

  • We learn about requirements and expectations.

crm системы в ташкенте
ИТ сервис на бизнеса в Узбекистане

2.Proposal phase

  • We evaluate the business and tech scope.

  • We provide commercially valuable offer.

  • We make decision to sign business contracts together.

3. Team Building phase

  • We determine the necessary skill set.

  • We identify the team members who match the skills.

  • We asseble the team dedicated for the project.

IT в бизнеса
веб сайт разработка для бизнеса

4. Development phase using Agile

  • We create road map and sprint table.

  • We prioritize tasks to minimize risks.

  • We build the software with agreed tech stack.

  • We set weekly stand-ups and deliver shippable software.

  • We collect feedback, resolve issues and fix bugs.

  • We give the final product demo.

5. Delivery and maintenance phase

  • The Project goes live.

  • We conduct post-implementation audit.

  • We complete the project and further help with tech support.

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