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Tasbeeh app for muslim communities from idea to live.


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Our Role

Our Role Tasbeeh AppFrom Ideation to end Product


At a cafe went a dialogue with Everbestlab's strategic partner. As a father, he was keen to see his family perform good deeds such as reciting certain zikr and wanted to reward them with nice treats like stroll in a park or a toy. From there, the idea of an app began which would allow friends and family to engage together in tasbih activities in a whole new way. To test the idea, we at Everbestlab came up with a plan to launch an MVP with minimum functionality, meaning that more features are yet to come provided users like and keep using the app.

Tasbeeh App Mobile VersionTasbeeh App Mobile VersionTasbeeh App Mobile Version
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With the plan beyond just counting zikr on the app, we thought of an integration with the actual device, a tasbih counter ring and/or gadget, via bluetooth technology. However, at this stage of the idea validation, we could not afford to extend the project development cycle and term. Nor did we have the intention to burden investment in something that people ultimately did not need. Therefore, it was a bit harder to decide on which features to include in the initial version. Before even rushing into starting the technical solution, we needed to do some market research and learn about competitiors. This is where UX reasearcha and UI prototyping came to being.

UX research and UI design

Our UX&UI designers made an in-depth reasearch, competitor analysis and design thinking sessions. Having created the prototype on Figma and taken on our device, we would go out of the office and ask people whether they liked it or not. Once we went to the library of a local university and asked several students for their feedback. They were happy to share what they thought. No doubt we attentively listened to them and iterated the design and development process based on their input.

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Ux Ui design Tasbeeh App

About the Project

When it comes to building the application, since we aim to integrate with third party devices, we came to a conclusion that we build this app on native Android and iOS development environment rather than cross platform flutter.

The features we developed for this light Minimum Visable Product are following:
-personalize with language (for now English and Uzbek).
-create a profile: full name and avatar. We decided that we can make an email authentification in later versions.
-join a zikr challenge via QR code or a link.
-create a zikr task. Note that there is a personal and challenge mode where we can invite our friends and family.
-manage multiple tasks at once with very convenient cards that you can swipe right or left.
-learn to pronounce the tasbih correctly with the help of arabic text, translation and audio.
-have a list of most common zikr and create a task based on that.

Many features are coming in future versions, but before that we must check if there is actual demand for our app.

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Be the first to try out the beta app and feel free to provide feedback. Every word of yours is important to us. Every word of yours is important to us as our goal is to create an app that you'll love using. If you find value in the app we created, please consider sharing it with your friends and family. “The iOS version is coming soon!”

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